Caught in the Trap

trapfoolIt’s amazing how big of an impact music, media, and culture can have on people. Ever since cocaine and crack got introduced into poor communities, and has been cleverly promoted through movies and music; its been getting people killed and arrested ever since it’s popularity. Not only does crack destroy communities, it fills jail cells and inspires lame cliche rap music. The idea of what came to be known as “the trap” and “Trap Music” is exactly what it is, a trap set for the unaware ignorant. A “trap” is slang terminology for a trap house which is use to make and sell drugs out of. All this hoopla mainly in rap music is just a masked form of modern day “coon” music. Coon music is nothing new, its a genre of comic song made popular from around 1880 up until the end of World War I that used words in a dialect purporting to be typical of black American speech. Ice Cube was on point when he stated in one of his songs,“The hood is a n**a trap take the cheese, as soon as you do here come the police”. Somehow over the past years from the 80’s on, it became cool to sell drugs and make songs that compliment the lifestyle that puts people in jail.

We see it everywhere especially in TV and media. Movies like Scarface and countless other movies and songs tell stories of rag to riches through selling burger sugar. But after all,it just entertainment right ? But it takes on something more than that if people are dying and  getting incarcerated for it.

Even “Rick Ross” the rapper, not the real Freeway Rick Ross who actually served jail time for his lifestyle of drug pedaling, influences many. Although Ricky Ross (the rapper) claims to have sold cocaine and other narcotics, he fails to ever mention his time as being a probation officer in any of his rhymes. Promoting falsehood is not good, especially when people listen and take things as truths and try to imitate a false lifestyle they may put them in jail.

Black people don’t manufacture guns, or own any coke plantations, yet ironically they use them to kill other blacks, and sell poison to their own people. I admire Tupac Shakur not only as a rapper, but an activist for struggling people and communities because he was one of the more positive impacts on hip hop,and strangely he was killed. Then there are other mainstream rap artist like Waka Flocka and Chief Keef who seem to be promoting self destruction and violence. Some of these rap dudes make going to jail seem like Disneyland, like it’s the place someone would want go. Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco exposes this modern day coon behavior that in fact entertains mostly White kids since they are supposedly the number #1 buyers/listeners of hiphop. A lot of people including blacks, don’t like modern Rap because of the culture it promotes and glorifies.

There was a time when Blacks were on the right path when leaders were around like MLK and Malcom X, but this didn’t last too long since both were assassinated. When the Black panthers were formed as a revolt against the KKK, they were labeled as terrorist and threats. Like Kanye West said in “Crack Music”, “How can we stop the Black Panthers? Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer” It seems as though if your not promoting ignorance and destruction to the masses especially to the Black community, then you won’t be heard, at least not on a commercial level. It seems any time a Black person has mass appeal and spreads positivity, they get killed or looked over because of it. Then there are mainstream rap artist who talk about slanging dope and killing people “in the trap” that gets heard by everyone influencing the ignorant to do the same thing. Other positive rappers like Lupe Fiasco expose this coon behavior that entertains masses of people and at the same time makes Black people look like jokes. I’m in no way trying to be judgmental, but I don’t approve of self-destruction and contributing to the destruction of people and music altogether. Sometimes I feel people really are trapped, not only in a physical jail, but a mental one.

-Israel “Izzy” Mayes

Marijuana- The Highway to Hell


Let’s all be real…
Marijuana has been a drug that has circulated throughout society for some years now. I’m going to take a wild guess that many of your reading this have smoked a “joint” or two. First off let me state that in no way or circumstance is this post about preaching the positives and negatives of bud, but what is significant about the so called “gateway drug” is its effect on African Americans in our nation. Why? Well the main reason being the corruption in the Drug War, which was announced by Reagan in the 80’s, to keep crime and violence of the streets.
After reading “The New Jim Crow”, by Michelle Alexander it really opened my eyes to what the war on drugs is really all about. That being, as the author illustrates… the imprisonment of African Americans in the United States. Our criminal justice system specifically targets the African American race for minor drug offenses and pursue to charge them with long term sentences to keep them out of their communities. Not only does this hurt each individual and their families, but also the African American population as whole.
Recently I came across an interesting article titled, “Marijuana Arrest Stats Based On Race”, by Dianne Anderson. The author talks about how African Americans are dis-proportionally targeted in our justice system which was perfect to compliment the reading of, “The New Jim Crow.”
“African Americans comprise 54 percent of all those convicted of first time drug offenses, with an overall marijuana incarceration rate that has doubled since 1991, at last national count in 2007 whites were arrested at 195 per 100,000 while blacks are at 598 per 100,000 for possession of marijuana. In general, youths age 15 to 24 made up over half of all possession arrests.”

As you can see the numbers speak for themselves…African American men and women are both the bulls-eye for the typical US police officer. And you should ask yourself… all those times you smoked or did something illegal, if I was black would the chances of me getting caught be greater? Sadly, that answer is yes and it’s an on-going tragedy in this country in which many Americans don’t recognize. Well now you have been warned and truly the only way this era can be changed is if we as a nation come to an understanding of this injustice. So speak up, tell your friends and family, have discussions that can only help the subject of cruelty being done to the African American population.

– Bryce Rutherford


War on drugs

The war on drugs started around 1982 and it was a serious matter. It was called “The New Jim Crow” and it was a war that punished mostly African American people. One question that I would like to ask everyone reading this blog is whether or not they believe that the war on drugs is directed to both black and white people equally? Or do you believe it is one sided for the most part?

In my opinion I believe that the war on drugs was mostly based on African Americans behaviors. In the photo above it shows two guys smoking. One is a white male and the second is an African American male. This photo stood out to me the most because the two white male cops are yelling at the black guy that is smoking but no one is saying anything to the white guy that is sitting on the same steps as the black guy. This photo proves my point that the war on drugs was mostly for African American people. I believe that the punishments given were not equal towards the African American people and white people. White people had a little more favor when it came down to their punishments.

An article I read stated that…..
“Although whites use drugs at the same rate as African Americans according to public health data, African Americans make up almost half of those arrested for drug offenses and more than half of those convicted of drug offenses causing critics to call the war on drugs the “New Jim Crow.” Between 1982 and 1996, drug law violation sentences got longer and the African American prison population doubled. Today, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, 1 in 3 black men will have contact with the criminal justice system and approximately 1.4 million black men – 13% of all adult African American males – are disfranchised because of felony drug convictions and 1 in 14 black children has a parent in prison.” (The War on Drugs or The New Jim Crow?)

The war on drugs is taking away all our African American males. There are so many African Americans guys that are in jail today. Some are in jail for crimes they did not commit. I feel as though the war on drugs has a lot to do with racism. I believe that racism is still going on today because during the New Jim Crow officers would not punish white males as harsh as the black males. There are nowhere near as many white males in jail as there are African American males. The government is spending almost all their money on these people that are in jail and I feel as though if they stop putting so many African American in jail they will have a better life. Give them a second chance as the government would give white males a second chance with no problem.

The video below shows America how African Americans are being put into jails everyday and it seems as though no one is even touching “the white man”. African American males and white males should be getting the same punishment for committing the same crime. After all, I feel as though white males are using drugs more then black guys but they are not being put into jail because cops don’t expect white males to be using drugs. Cops tend to not check white males and they go straight to the black guy. Something needs to change in our world because racism is a issue that I do not like. Favoring a certain type of race is not alright anymore in America.


For more information on The New Jim Crow (war on drugs) I have a link of the article that I got my quote from if anyone wants to read more information about it.

-Rebecca Gonzalez

Foundations That Have Created The New Jim Crow

By: Daniela Yoo

The meaning of Critical Race Theory is that “Law shapes race”, I believe that this is true due to The Jim Crow Laws that were created in 1876. This was a way the government made extinctions of how the white race were ‘different’ than the black race. More specifically not the word different but I believe the word superior is a better fit. Laws that created ‘separate but equal’. Society outcast blacks and made the impression that they did not deserve to sit next to them on the bus, or in school, or in any other public accommodation facilities. Not only with the Jim Crow Laws but history speaks for itself when blacks were slaves to the many whites in the United States. I believe this has created a foundation of racism from the beginning of time.

According the “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, she states her ever so strong stance of how race does matter in today’s society. Especially when it comes to our prison systems. She states that we are constantly targeting minorities to be criminals. Our prison systems are filled with mostly blacks and hispanics, while the many white drug addicts are not targeted. The government and society has created a connotation that ‘blacks’ are ‘criminals’. As shown in the graffiti art by Banksy, prison is a new way of enslavement. prison-is-slavery-by-banksyA very interesting and appalling case that I found that I believe is another foundation that we have created that blacks are ‘criminals’. In the McQuirter v. State case in 1953, was about a black male who was convicted of attempted rape. The black male followed a lady to her house but did not have direct contact. He was arrested for “attempted rape” and was put into jail. The jury was allowed by the court to judge the sentencing by his “the social conditions and customs founded upon racial differences” (Bloomberg Law). Indeed, today we have laws and rights that will protect us from discrimination but I believe this does not stop the classifications and stereotypes of a typical race. The New Jim Crow truly explains the classifications that still exist but now in prison systems, criminals, and the war on drugs. Racial profiling is still active today and whether or not no one can legally discriminate in criminal cases…it still happens.

Do you believe that the New Jim Crow is correct in today’s society?
Does all the exclusion, laws, and separation that we have created years ago still effect many of the minorities today?

Torture Of the Times

It’s a good thing that we do not live in the day and age where torture for deviant behavior was a common practice for misbehavior.

Long ago there where many different torture methods and machines use to kill people in a slow, painful,and often times humiliating manner. It’s pretty hilarious now, and at the same time serious to picture people going on “witch hunts” to find and burn people practicing witchery and Black Magic. Yes it’s true, people really did this around the 14th century when witchcraft was a common thing to do in places like Europe and Colonial America. The Salem Witch Trails was a major event from the past in which several people were accused


of these various crimes. This means Harry Potter and his whole fan club would be ashes by now compared to those past modern standards.

It’s somewhat of a good thing that the majority of h

umanity recognizes these old fashioned methods as inhumane, however; in other parts of the world outside of U.S. it is still a common to lop a thieve’s hands off for stealing (bet they would never try that again) and even stoning for committing adultery and other misdeeds. I’m glad to be an American in that regard because a lot of people in the world are ruled under a strict government and moral law. American’s pretty much have it easy when it comes to deviant behavior thanks to all the great Amendments written and practice by our forefathers.

In my opinion, no one has the right to take another human beings life (or body parts) for any real reason, EXCEPT maybe for wrongfully killing another person; which in that case can be an Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Sometimes I wonder if public punishment would actually prevent a majority of crime form even happening in the first place. According to an article:

“Some states began enacting laws prohibiting judicial public exe

cautions in the latter half of the 19th century. Today, executions are carried out behind prison walls with only a small group of witnesses in attendance.

Every state that performs executions has legislation providing for certain people to witness them. State laws vary as to who is allowed to watch an execution, but in general, these are the people who are allowed to be witnesses:

Relatives of the victim(s)
Relatives of the prisoner
Prison warden
Medical personnel
Spiritual advisor(s)

Prison guards
Official group of ‘reputable citizens’
Official group of state-selected witnesses
Media representatives ”

It still amazes me that people could and would  watch and stomach other LIVE humans being slowly put to death; but then again they didn’t have cable T.V. back then either.

Out of all the human torture devices I’ve researched, something known as the “Brazen Bull” which was a torture device that originated in ancient Greece;stood out the most. A live human was put inside of

the bronze bull, and fire was lit underneath it until the person basically cooked to death. Human BBQ at its finest. This was the most creative death creation I.M.O, but any form of torture however, is a messed up way for a person to exit life.


American’s today pretty much have it easy when it comes to deviant behavior,

and actually “paying” for their crime. Heck a person could commit a double murder, but with the right lawyer and right money$ they could get off with a light sentence.

-Israel “Izzy” Mayes



Immigrant Children as Prostitutes

Written by Daniela Yoo

Many people dream and hope to have a better life by immigrating away from their poverty country. Many women and children are abducted or forced into prostitution. Their main focus in life is to survive.

Not only are these children forced to do sexual behaviors but they are also used for drug trafficking. I believe that the cause of all this is because of the global economy. Many countries suffer from having poor living conditions, from war, and the poor opportunities the people have. They immigrate to America in hopes of having opportunities to have the “all American dream”. Many of these immigrating women and children are more likely to be persuaded and taken advantage of. In example: Many immigrants pay “Traffickers” to travel to a different country. These women and children are controlled by the traffickers by either getting raped, sold off, or even murdered.

These children are abducted and sold off to “whore houses”. They grow up in these prostitution houses and are drugged without their will. In many appealing countries such as Europe, China, Japan, and other countries has a dark side where houses are filled with prostitutes ranging from all ages.

I came across a blog that stated he had a solution to human trafficking.

What do you think? Do you really think there is a possible way to STOP human trafficking?

According to Evan Rogers, his thoughts on solution is to:
1) Making it easier for immigration so that the many family who are attempting to immigrate would not be so much in debt and danger.

2) Eliminating welfare for everyone will show equality with the immigrants and citizens.

3) Allow prostitution, Rogers indicated, “If it were legalized the supply of prostitutes would likely increase, and thus prices would naturally lower. This reduction of prices would reduce incentives to prostitution-related ills; perhaps it might even reduce child prostitution.”

4) Lastly he stated ending Child Labor laws would help! If we end child labor laws then runaways, castaways, and abandoned children will be able to work in legitimate industries instead of only having the options of prostitution, drug trafficking, or other illegal activity (indeed, with child labor laws, any job a youth takes is illegal).

So what do I think about these recommendations?
I truly think that not of these would help besides making it easier for families to immigrate. Ending child labor laws I think would be a foolish mistake. Do we not remember why we ended child labor? I feel like it would be a vicious cycle of forcing children to work for cheap. Also allowing prostitution I believe will cause more chances for viral sexual diseases. I think that allowing prostitution will let our children to believe that this is “okay”. That this may be a job option! Lastly his thought on eliminating welfare completely is not something I can agree with. I believe that there are many people that actually do need the aid, unfortunately there are plenty of people who take advantage of this. Maybe if we were more strict on who should receive it would better benefit our country but to completely cut off those who are in desperate need is wrong.

Do you agree with Rogers? Do you think that child prostitution can be stopped?

I believe that there will always be poverty and perverse people all over the world. Child rape and prostitution is a sickening act that we can’t all prevent from happening.

Older men dating minors….

Written by Rebecca Gonzalez

Should this be legal or illegal?

In my opinion I feel as though older men dating minors should not be legalized. When it comes to the subject of guys dating under age girls, no one knows exactly what to say. People are going to date whoever they want and no one will be able to stop them. By making this legal for everyone will change a lot.

In the picture above, it looks like everything is alright. The guy and girl are both smiling and they seem to be a happy couple. So what exactly do you think the problem is here you may ask?? Well this is a 25 year old guy who is dating an underage girl. What business does he have dating a girl so young at his age? In an article I was reading online it states that:
• The law makers in California have made it unusually simple and clear from a researchers perspecitve. Under statute 261.5 a male or female under the age of 18 is not legally capable of consenting to sexual intercourse or oral sexual activity. This would apply to all relationships whether the adult is male or female if the minor is under 18.
• The 21 year old is at risk of being found in violation of 261.5 Unlawful sexual intercouse with a minor. According to the statute, if convicted, she could face civil penalties from $2000 to $25,000 and possible jail time.

Minors are allowed to date older guys in some states if they have the consent from their parents that it is alright. In other states it does not matter if the parent agrees to the relationship. An article states that:

  • A parents consent will not overide state law and make an illegal act, legal. At 18, he is an adult subject to follow the same laws as all other adults citizens

In my Humanities class we had just finished reading a book called Lolita. This book talks about a guy who was in love with an underage girl. He did everything he could to try and keep their relationship a secret. He was beginning to use Lolita for his own personal entertainment. They were in a sexual relationship and the whole time I thought to myself how can he sit there and kiss on a minor. He has so many options of older woman to choose from but instead it was something about her young beauty that made him attractive to her. Most guys in America want someone who looks young and beautiful. That is why there are a lot of adults dating underage kids because they fulfill something in their bodies that another adult can no longer do. H.H was no longer attractive to older woman. He was in love with the fact that Lolita was so young and innocent.

There have been many problems with young girls dating older men. Girls who are of underage should not be worrying or focusing on dating older guys. People say age is nothing but a number, as said in the YouTube clip I provided underneath. I totally disagree with that saying. Age has a lot to do with everything. Dating an older guy can bring drama in your life that a young girl would not be ready for. Older guys expect you to do things on a whole other level. If the girl has not fully matured yet they will not be able to fulfill that for the guy. Adults should only date people of age. Hopefully one day underage dating will come to a stop because it is sad to see. Even though some people are happy with a older guy it is a dangerous thing to mess with. Once a person is legal it should not matter how old their partner is. As long as they both are over the age 18 no one can say anything to them.

References   (images)

Teacher and Student Romance….Happily Ever After or Happy Never After?

The age-old fantasy of any teenage boy…sex with his teacher.  The taboo has been looked down upon from our society as a whole, but oddly enough dreamt about by young boys and even girls all over the country.  I’m not going to lie to you guys at one time or another my sexually erratic mind has come across this fantasy and rightfully so.  To me it’s a biological product that is a natural phenomena to be sexually attracted to older women at an early age.  Of course Lolita is the book that triggered me to write about a popular scandal in our recent history.  So I did some research to find the most intriguing stories on student teacher romance and I struck gold with Mary Kay Letourneau’s affair with her thirteen year old student.  Letourneau a mother of four was a promising teacher who was considerably popular throughout her school for having a fond eye for talented students.  Just so happens that Vili Fualaau a “ghetto” thirteen year old boy in her sixth grade class was an extremely accomplished artist for his age.  Mary Kay grew closer by inviting Vili who was a son of a single mother, to her house to “take care” of him.  Take into account that Mary Kay did have a husband at the time Steve Letourneau who was supposedly having an affair of his own.  Now I’m sure you all know where this story is going, the kid comes over to play and the woman takes

advantage.  In some way your right, but as the court ended up ruling Vili was the one to initiate the sexual encounter.  In this case Vili was sexually aroused and the simple fact that he could get a hard on would be of help to Mary Kays future jail sentence. As the articles sick love story goes on eventually Vili would reveal that he had sexual intercourse with his teacher over 300 to 400 times.  Must have been one happy kid to say the least and sorry if that was too inappropriate guys, I just had to throw that little man humor in when I had a chance.  Back to the idiotic side of the story, Mary Kay ends up getting pregnant with Vili’s soon to be first child.  She was infatuated with the kid to say the least and in the article I inherited this quote demonstrating such, “He dominated me in the most masculine way that any man, any leader, could do.  I trusted him and believed in him and in our future.”  Man this kid must have been packing some serious heat!  OK, I promise that was my last twisted joke.  Mary Kay ended up serving a 7 year jail sentence and before she entered this term she gave birth to the now 14-year-old Vili’s first child.  The two would end up having two children and  the article included a perfect quote from Crime writer Ann Rule in which she called Mary Kay Letourneau “the Humbert Humbert of the female sex.”  My question to you guys is what’s the difference between the two?  Is there a distinction in whose cruel acts of rape are worse Humbert or Mary Kay? Does Mary Kay’s sex status of being a female matter?  From a guy’s perspective I can flat-out state the male population would feel less hatred for Mary Kay then Humbert.  Would that be because Vili was a throbbing hormonal boy at the time and we feel some sort of biological relation to him?  I’ll leave you to come up with your own opinion..but to get back to the story, later after Mary gets released from prison the lovers end up getting married, go figure.  Isn’t this the classic love story you guys have always wanted to hear;)?  They are both living happily in a one of the most twisted relationships anyone’s ever heard of.  Below I posted a video and it’s of both Vili and Mary Kay engaging in an interview giving their confession of how this love was mutually first recognized.  For you nasty boys and girls out there if you loved this story you can find more of the interviews on YouTube this is only part 1, enjoy!

  Article Source:

– Bryce Rutherford

Odd Sex, Whats Next ?

Many people are aroused by many different things. Every sexual desire, or fantasy that can be thought up exist in some way. Some people’s strange desires may generate from an alter ego of some kind, and can even be express in a sexual way.

Some common odd attractions include:
Agalmatophilia-sexual attraction to statues, dolls, and mannequins
Teratophilia- is the sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people
Objectophila- attraction to objects
Sacofricosis- public masturbation AKA “pocket pool”
Vorarephilia- fantasizing about being eaten
Beastiality- attraction to animals
Teleiophilia- sexual attraction to adults
Pedophilla- Sexual attraction to kids

The most recent phenom in popular fetish I have discovered are Furries which are people who enjoy dressing up as their favorite animals, and may even engage in sex while wearing these expensive costumes. They basically anthropomorphized animals into human animal toys.
MLP (My Little Pony) is a popular innocent children’s cartoon show that yet many adults sexual fantasize over. That fact that grown men and teens are sexually attracted to drawn colorful ponies can seem a bit unusual. The male fan’s refer to themselves as “bronies”.
Animals are not the only thing to have had anthromorphic properties applied to them.    Another new festish is Airplane Arousal in which airplanes are drawn or Photoshopped in a sexual provocative way. I’m sure these and others fall into the objectophila category. It’s a possibility that some of these fans had an attraction to the same objects as adolescence such as stuff animals that they continued to have as adults.
It’s obscure in a sense that people even come up with these unusual fetishes; but yet many people enjoy them. Of all the things to be sexually attracted to, I’m not sure which one is the strangest; but I once heard of a guy who was sexually attracted to lamps. Lamp porn anyone ? I’m sure there are a lot of sockets that could use a nice plug.

Since most males old and young are drawn to women who are physically attractive and look like they can bare children, what then could cause a mother to be physically attracted to her son ?
In the popular strange case of Mistie Rebecca Atkinson (who ended up serving four years in prison for having sex with her 16 year old long lost son) claims it’s a genetic disorder. According to her “I don’t feel like I should have the charge of incest because there is something called “genetic attraction” that is a very powerful (phenomenon) that happens to 50 (percent) of people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative,” Mistie Atkinson, who is 32, claims she felt ‘genetic attraction’ towards her son. Some modern psychologists say that biological family members who are separated for long periods of time could possibly become sexually attracted to each other if or when they reunite. This is known as genetic sexual attraction or GSA.

The Atkinon case, and other’s like it can closely identify with the Oedipus complex.Rapper and father Eminem has two of the best lyrical versus describing instances of the Oedipus complex. And it goes :

“Cuz if I ever stuck it to any singer in show biz , it would be Jenifer Lopez/and Puffy you know this/ I don’t care if this chick was my own mother I’d still f*** her with no rubber and c*m insider her and have a son, and a new brother at the same time/ and just say that it aint mine” -I’m back

“Please don’t upset momma’ /you looking sexy ma ma, don’t know if it’s the lala or the rum and Pepsi mama” –Must Be the Ganja

In those two versus Eminem expresses an odd desire and attraction in a playful manner,to his mother; yet it is still unusual for one to think this way. It’s even more strange in Slim Shady’s (Marshall Mathers) case if you examine the relationship he and his mother had as he was growing up which wasn’t always a loving one. This could just be Eminem’s Id or ego being expressed through rap lyrics, or could this possibly be due to genetics?

Em also had a great song on weird sex fetishes in the song “FACK”. I also discovered the sexually explicit term “feltching” from yet another interesting song from the MC.

Analyze This Freudian Scene

– Israel “Izzy” Mayes

Incest more common than you think……….

What is it about incest that makes it right?
How can a mother have sex with their child and think it’s alright?
Is it legal or illegal?

Those are some questions that people think about but are too scared to actually ask them. All my life I was against incest. I thought that incest was disgusting and no one should be apart of it. I decided to look it up and get some background information on it. Incest has been happening for a long time. No one can really tell when it is happening because both the parent and child keeps quiet. It is illegal in some Countries but in other Countries it is apart of their culture which makes it legal to do. While searching online I came across a reading about a mother being caught giving oral sex to her son. The reading states “A mother was found in a hotel room in Ukiah, California, on March 2nd, performing sex acts on her teenage son, and has subsequently been charged with incest. Videos of the two engaging in sexual intercourse were also found in the hotel room”.

The biggest issue people had with this story was that the child was a minor. The mother should had not been taking advantage of her son that way. Some people don’t realize how incest affects this generation. Back then it was more common to hear about incest going on between royal families because they wanted to keep the money and riches within the family. They didn’t get punished for marrying their relatives. Nowadays people look down upon others who encourages incest. Believe it or not a lot of people today have the type of attitude “Its Not Incest if You Like It!” as said in the youtube clip below. That really shocked me because the brother in the clip really didn’t think he was doing anything wrong by dating his sister. That goes to show that more people then we think still believe in incest.

-Rebecca Gonzalez